Integrated Enrichment Programs

Animal Embassy

The daily life at Christ & Holy Trinity Preschool is rich in experiences that draw on the children’s abilities and interests while stimulating new learning and curiosity. One of the students’ favorites of our monthly programs is our hands-on visit from Animal Embassy. From lizards to chinchillas, children from all classes discover a wide variety of “creepy crawly” creatures and learn more about their habitats and habits!

Chapel Service

Each Wednesday, children in the Threes, Fours, or Fives Classes attend a Chapel Service in the auditorium located on the second floor of the historic Seabury Building. This beloved school tradition features age-appropriate music, stories and engages the children to take part in the fun. Parents are always welcome to join!

Creative Music for Children

As research has proven, music is a way of learning. Christ & Holy Trinity Preschool recognizes the essential value of music and movement in early education as a meaningful way to engage young minds and support the development of spatial awareness. Each month, Creative Music for Children presents a special interactive program for students in each class.

Christ & Holy Trinity Preschool is pleased to offer several after-school enrichment activities for children enrolled in our Fours and Fives Programs. These activities are optional and additional fees apply.

Extended Day Opportunities

Discovery Day

Children in the Fours and Fives classes are eligible to enter the lottery for CHT’s popular “Discovery Day” enrichment program. Students meet after school on Thursdays and are led by teachers and special visitors in a variety of skill-building and fun opportunities. This year children will “tour” through the United States on a virtual road trip. Students will enjoy a weekly activity devoted to exploring new and unique regions of the U.S. They will begin by heading north to Boston, MA to learn about the pilgrims, go south to explore the Everglades of Florida, west through Texas and Arizona discovering different lifestyles, before returning via Detroit, MI, learning about cars and other transportation along the way. One thing is certain - good times are had by all!

Get Movin' at CHT

A new and exciting program launches this year at CHT and it is the perfect remedy for those cold weather wiggles! Starting Mondays in winter 2016, children in the Threes, Fours and Fives classes will have the opportunity to sign up for our newest after school enrichment program, Get Movin’ at CHT! This energetic program will provide children with the tools to transfer their creative energy into problem solving and self-esteem boosting exercises. Children will engage in a range of activities, including sports and yoga with Sara Holland of Integrated Sports Training.

Christ & Holy Trinity’s Extended Day program is committed to providing the highest quality outside-of-classroom experience for all toilet-trained students who are at least 3 years old and enrolled in the Threes, Fours, or Fives Classes. With our Early Day and Late Day options, parents’ benefit from additional hours of high quality care for their children, while students are able to explore hands-on, cross-class enrichment activities and other fun and child-centered experiences.

Early & Late Day Options

Early Day

Should parents need to attend an early meeting or another activity before school begins, children have the opportunity to get an early start to their day at 8:30am. No advance sign up is required.

Late Day

If parents wish to take advantage of a longer day, children may extend their stay until 2:00pm. A sign-up sheet is available each morning on a first-come, first-served basis. Children must be toilet trained, at least three-years-old, and registered in the Threes class to participate in the Early and Late Day options.