Job Opening: Nurse Consultant (APRN)

Time commitment of about  1-2 hours/week during the school year

The specific duties of the health consultant shall include, but not be limited to:

  1. Making, at a minimum, quarterly site visits to facilities that serve children three (3) years of age and older; or for group day care homes, facilities that operate no more than three (3) hours per day, or facilities that enroll only school age children, semi-annual site visits.  Facilities that are closed during the summer months may omit the summer quarterly visit.  Site visits shall be made by the health consultant during customary business hours when the children are present at the facility;
  2. Reviewing health and immunization records of children and staff;
  3. Reviewing the contents, storage and plan for maintenance of first aid kits;
  4. Observing the indoor and outdoor environments for health and safety;
  5. Observing children’s general health and development ;
  6. Observing diaper changing and toileting areas and diaper changing, toileting and hand washing procedures;
  7. Reviewing the policies, procedures and required documentation for the administration of medications, including petitions for special medication authorizations needed for programs that administer medication and
  8. Assisting in the review of individual care plans for children with special health care needs or children with disabilities, as needed.

 In addition to providing quarterly site-visits, reviewing health paperwork for child and staff  and providing phone consultation as needed, this position also requires weekly visits to our Two’s Classes until the end of December. This is a State Requirement until all children in those classes turn 2-years old. 

To apply: Please send cover letter and resume to Sharon Lenfest at